Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Goin' lacto/ovo veghead again!... :)~

I have been wanting to cut meat out of my diet again for awhile now, but my reluctant carnivore of a partner has made it kinda hard to be true to this lifestyle change. So last night I went to Vegetarian Time's site and found this. It's 3 easy steps to start cutting meat out!

I went and grabbed a piece of paper and pen and asked Kat: What are 3 vegetarian meals I make that you like... So she said Stir fry, Chili, Pasta Primavera...Then I asked how about 3 things I make that I can change to be vegetarian... and we came up with Stuffed Peppers without the sausage/chopped beef, Eggplant Parm instead of chicken, and took two ideas from the website.... Bean Burritos and Veggie burgers. That's 7 meatless dinners... Then I came up with Pasta and gravy, Risotto, Portabello Quinoa, Salad, Polenta, Spanakopita, and Soups....

There are 14 different meals here we know we like .......Plus tons more ideas on the net!..... See we can eat without meat!....Well at home anyway... I don't expect her to be loyal for lunch!

We picked 5 ...and I made a list for the store. I went shopping today and kicked off the new eating lifestyle with Eggplant Parm with spinach ravioli topped with gravy and sun dried tomatoes, and baby greens with balsamic vin and xvoo.

I also made salsa and hummus from scratch for snacks that we will eat with some organic pita chips...... Tomorrow Hearty black bean soup with grilled polenta! :)~

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