Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election 08

Ok here is how my day went.... Kat and I got to the polls at 7am and waited in line to vote for almost 2 hrs. Which would've been fine with me if I had actually voted. When we got to the table where they look up your name, mine wasn't there. Even though I registered to vote in March of this year when I renewed my driver's license at the AAA office in Stratford CT ....

So now they put me in a new line to fill out a provisional ballot. More waiting.... Finally they gave me the paper work... As I read it I noticed that there was no place for me to cast my vote for Question 1 or 2 or any other race besides the presidency and congress Hines/Shays. ...What What WHAT!!!???... Como Que COMO!!!??? ...

So now I am told that I would have to got to Town Hall (which is in a bad part of the city ....where there is NO Parking) and wait in line all over again if I wanted to vote on Prop 1
So I took my paper work and crumbled it in my hand and walked out.

I registered 7 months ago so that this wouldn't happen... and it wasn't just me... Everyone that was in the 2nd line with me were told the same thing.... WTF!!! ... I wonder how many people were turned away and told that they had to go wait someplace else for another 2 hours, and then didn't because of the time and the inconvience???

Turns out allot! .... I went to City Hall and waited another hour for someone to take my name/ address/ DOB.... so they can tell me which long ass line I have to yet still stand in. While I was waiting there was this young Suit trying to keep people happy by answering questions and making phone calls like the lady who took my info. After about 45 min I went up to him to see if he could help me... He listened but could do nothing and appologized, as I had heard him do to at least 10 others.

Finally the lady called my name and told me that I am NOT registered. I told her that I registered when I renewed my driver's license. She asked at the DMV and I said No at the AAA office in Stratford. She just repeated herself and said that they have no record of me registering, and if I wanted to vote for only the president I could stand in a line that was at least 2hrs long. I wanted to scream soooo loud at this point, but there were 2 very large police officers standing there and I didn't want to start trouble... Cause I gotta tell ya, iffin I had let my mouth run loose I am most certain I would've either been escorted out or arrested!... So I told them they can take my vote and shove it... and walked out! I did not vote today. I tried twice to no avail...

You would think that after over 200 yrs of voting we could come up with a system that works. One that lets people who have been responsible and have registered on time be allowed to vote at their designated spot... oh yeah and to have every vote count...None of this electoral college shite... a vote for a vote! ... Dare to dream!

On the up side... I had the chance to edjimicate some peeps! Over the weekend I had over 400 hits to my site from mostly people in CT looking for info on Prop 1 in CT. .... Woot Woot!


Tina-cious.com said...

Thanks so much for doing all that -- thank chocolate that Obama and Question 1 made it without your vote. :)

That was awesome of you to stay like that.

Yay us! :)

Boo CA, AZ and FL

Chef TinaMarie said...

I stayed for as long as I could. Still disappointed that I didn't vote... But very happy Obama is in and Bush is OUT!

Very COOL on Prop 1 for us in CT YaY!!! :)~

patrick said...

i can't help thinking it's awesome that there has been such long lines all over... people taking a greater interest in public issues is always a good thing

Chef TinaMarie said...

Patrick, Thanx for stopping by and leaving a comment! Yes I agree it was awesome to see that people were out there voting! It shows that the people of this country wanted some kind of Change!