Thursday, September 18, 2008

Call Me Cra-zazy... :)~

You know what today is???...I'll give you a hint...

Go shorty it's yer half berfday!... Go shorty it's yer half berfday!

That's right people... I celebrate my half birthday... I am 42 1/2 today...WoooooHoooo!
Seems as though I'm not the only kook out there who celebrates.... Here are some 1/2 birthday cakes I pulled from a google search... Ha!

6 comments: said...

I love half birthdays!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy 1/2 birthday! :D

Darlene said...

Okay, I'll indulge you since it's your half birthday and you asked; "YOU'RE CRAZY!" Now, I called you crazy, are you happy? lol

Actually, we have to keep this phenomenon on the Q T as my son would definetly hit people up for gifts and a cake if he thought he could do this.

Chef TinaMarie said...

Yes very happy...LOL..Thanx Darlene and Tina!

True story...My sister just called and sang "Happy half birthday" to me...She's as crazy as me!

I don't actually get cake and presents...but certainly wouldn't turn them away if anyone were to perhaps induldge me in my silliness...Ha! :)~

Roo said...

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!

Sorry, I can only sing half the song.

Lesbian Equinox said...

i never heard of half birthdays.
Happy Birthday!!!

Chef TinaMarie said...

Ohhh Roo you are killing me!!!...Love ya kiddo!...Kat and I are due for some cuddle time with that precious child of yours!!!

THNX KTGRL... Half birthdays are waaay better than regular ones cause U don't have to be another year older!!!...just another reason to get away with my silliness really!!! :)~